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We offer a training and coaching system unique to WattPower. Using a training modality designed around watts and the athletes power output. 

The program has been developed over 6 years offering a progressive yet individual conditioning tool to every ability. 

The system has been tried and tested over all machines that offer watts as a training output or function. The majority of WattPower athletes use the C2 Rower, Ski-erg, BikeErg, WattBike or Assault Bike. The nature of how we program allows for athletes to either practise specificity or train across multiple machines in a quest for general conditioning. 

Both are successful, training with direction and consistency breeds results.

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“I’ve just finished my first program and I would highly recommend it. Great support and coaching advice from both coaches. I improved my 2000m TT by 14sec (06.22) that’s shows that this program really does work. Train smart and try this program � Cheers Danny & Pol” -

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