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Why do we train???

There’s not one answer to this question and even I slip between different mindsets. One thing I am relatively good for is consistency, but whilst consistency is golden, it doesn’t take into account the changes in your mood or your mindset. So why do YOU train?

The current UK government guidelines are 150 moderate minutes of exercise each week, is this your reason for training?

We also recognise that people are living longer and naturally want a better quality of life. We see it nearly everywhere we turn, 30 is the new 20, 40 is the new 30, etc etc. So perhaps you exercise for a functional health benefit?

I massively recognise the positive mental affect training has on my mood and if I could bottle this feeling I’m sure I would be a millionaire. More importantly than that though I recognise the negative affects of not training. This is echoed by those closest to me. Just today, after a long day at work, my wife told me “make sure you train before coming home!” Now this doesn’t need to be hitting the gym hard everyday, some days it’s a longer dog walk or kick around in the garden; something with no physical performance benefits but plenty to assist with a positive mindsets.

The final one I wish to discuss which is the peak of human natures curiosity, which doesn’t just imply physical improvements but sees individuals asking ‘how can I be better?’

Performance has many indicators and drivers. For some people it’s being better than they were and on the other end of the spectrum it’s being better than everyone else. Both share similarities but are still quite separate. We’ll explore all these in greater depth over the coming months, but ultimately I notice in myself that I travel through each of these mindsets at different times when I feel different stresses. I do believe it’s healthy to travel through this spectrum of exercise

mindset or periods of training as it helps to provide balance to our life.

To improve in any area of your life, you need a few key ingredients; clear goals, structure, support, consistency and belief.

So, I ask again, why do YOU train?

Train Efficient Perform Better

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